Zones App for August Smart Lock on Android Wear

Zones App for August Smart Lock on Android Wear

Zones – Geofence API Launcher

If you’re wondering why after so many years there’s still no app to unlock your August Lock from your Android Wear watch, you’re not alone. But now you can unlock your August locks from your watch using the Zones app!

Just set up a geofence zone in the app with a special action url:


To get the key, offset and id, use the instructions here. Getting the keys is a little technical, but if you have an Android Wear watch you’re probably already a super nerd, so I trust you’ll get it.

Then when you’re “in the zone”, a wear notification will pop up and you can press it to unlock your door. Sweet!

You can also trigger other HTTP APIs using the app, if you’ve got any of those lying around. And if you’d like to integrate August Smart Locks into your Xamarin App, check out the plugin I wrote to provide this functionality, Plugin.Android.AugustLock. Happy unlocking!

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