Free* Slack Email Integration

Free* Slack Email Integration

If you’re on the free Slack plan (I have a small personal Slack domain that I experiment with), the built in email integration is not available. There are a number of ways to work around this– IFTTT has various recipes, Zapier’s got a bunch of zaps, but I’d been playing around with the Serverless framework and figured it’d be a nice little project to try it out with. And I’d end up with almost free email integration.1

Serverless Framework Logo
And they have an awesome logo!

Although Serverless is built on AWS Lambda, and AWS has an email service (Simple Email Service), I decided to use Mailgun since it gives you a free sandbox domain so you don’t have to set up a custom domain for your email, and also gives you 10,000 free emails per month.

The code is configured to let you set up an email address like slack+[channel], which will let you post notifications into a specific channel. I set up shipping delivery and last-minute travel deal notifications to #alerts, and all the Hamilton lottery rejection emails to go to #wah-wah.

Hooray! SlackAttack commence.

Check out the code on Github at:

  1. OK, it might cost you a penny or two in AWS data transfer fees. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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