Short Savannah Overnight

Short Savannah Overnight

I haven’t spent much time in the south other than a few trips to Florida and some time in Texas’ big cities. When the chance to fly in and spend the night in Savannah, Georgia came up, I went for it! Although I only had one night in the city, I appreciated the historic and ornate architecture, the abundance of parks and tree-lined squares, and the scenic Savannah river.

Forsyth Park
Stroll through Forsyth Park

Savannah’s historic area is famous for its 22 public squares, so I decided that the best way to hit all of them up was on a run, which ended up being a great idea!

Savannah Chatham Metro Police Department Headquarters

The route passed by many historic homes and cobblestone-paved paths and was a fun taste of the city. I think my favorite square was the neatly manicured Whitefield Square (the one furthest to the bottom right), but they all had their own charm:

Savannah 22 squares + 1 park run

The quick jog was very nice and plenty of people were out enjoying the day, despite it being quite hot. I stopped to get an iced tea in Forsyth Park since I was parched. The water from public water fountains tasted metallic, it was drinkable but not very tasty. A quick trip back to the hotel to have a shower, then we went out to the Green Truck Pub where we found a good selection of vegetarian options and brews on tap. They also were so hipstery that they didn’t just have filament lightbulbs or mason jars–they had a combination mason-jar filament lightbulb. Whoa. That’s next-level hipster.


There’s plenty we didn’t see, but the short stopover in Savannah was interesting, and I’d like to come back and explore more of the city someday.

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