Startup Podcast Run

Startup Podcast Run

I have a 3-4 mile loop1 that I’ve been running pretty often this summer–it’s been amazing to have some time to get back into running and feel a little fitter than usual. I’ve been running for years without music or headphones, usually content to let my mind wander and take in the sounds and the scenery as I pass through the neighborhood on foot.

Today, on a lark I decided to switch things up and run with my headphones on, so I asked Jake for a good podcast about startups. He directed me to the aptly named “Startup Podcast” so I installed Pocket Casts and downloaded some episodes before heading out on the run.

I was so engrossed by the startup podcast that I was still running after 4 episodes2 and 6.4 miles! I went a little slower than usual (it’s hard to run with gusto while trying to listen to someone talk), but it was an enjoyable experience that I think I might do more of. I ended up running till sunset at Piers Park, one of the best places to get some nice photos of Boston at any time of day.

The startup podcast is a few years old now and the story is all played out and ready for me to binge through a few seasons, so hopefully they continue to be entertaining enough to help me pass the time and many more miles on the road.

  1. Add me on Runkeeper to see the route
  2. Played back at 1.3x speed

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